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"Spain - France - Andorra" - Photo tour


Dates of tours and the number of seats available:

  • с 05/04 по 14/05 - 5 places

Brief Description:

The route of this tour is through three countries: Spain, Andorra and France.

It will be fun and varied! We will travel to the sea of the Mediterranean and Alpine meadows Perena. We will visit the ski resorts of Andorra and the cobblestone streets of medieval castles of Spain. As soon as we cross the border of Barcelona the scenery surrounding us with will acquire an unusual picturesque each new kilometer, and the road will begin to loop between the suddenly grown mountains of Catalonia. Further from Catalonia we will go to Andorra with its CHIC ski resorts, duty-free stores and thermal springs in its center. From Andorra through The Catalan reserve we will go to France and its beaches. From France - again to Spain, but even more amazing, different, medieval.

During the route especially for you photo lessons will be conducted, both for entry-level, and for those who already owns the technique of photography (an important requirement for training is the understanding and knowledge of instructions to your photographic equipment and skills of handling it).