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"The Land of Fjords" - Photo tour


Dates of tours and the number of seats available:

  • с 21/05 по 30/05 - 5 places

Brief description:

This route includes the best of Norway that we have accumulated for nine years of photo tours here.

The first word in your mind about Norway is of course fjords! A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea or lake drain, with steep land on three sides, its length can reach hundreds kilometers creating fabulous views! It's real beautiful! You will see and feel them yourself!

"The Land of Fjords" is a 10-days route that runs through the most "delicious" places in Norway and includes all the best: the most beautiful fjords, Trolls' road, glacier, national parks, the Atlantic road, the ocean, mountain lakes, mountains and more. The start and the end of this route is the airport of Trondheim. Loking for more details Tour schedule.

If you wish to get more impressions about Norway here is a route "Trolltunga".


The Land
of Fjords

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