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"The Sunny Land" - Photo tour


Dates of tours and the number of seats available:

  • с 15/02 по 26/02 - 10 places


Cambodia is the Kingdom in South-East Asia (South of the Indochinese Peninsula). The Capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. The area is about 181 thousand km². The population is more than 13 million people. Cambodia is bordered by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

This journey is a real photo extravaganza! This is the place where you can unleash your imagination. Cambodia is a country of miracles. Among the wild, seemingly untouched by human's hand, nature hid a lot of amazing temples. IIn addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of local life, so unusual and fascinating for a European. The local cuisine is a wonderful thing! Here you will find a huge selection of seafood, fruits and all kinds of spicy or not dishes. Cambodia is always warm all the year, that is important for tourists from places with a harsh climate.

Throughout the route we will be accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide (Cambodian), who knows the most interesting places of this country.