About us and Contacts

I am Mikhail Afanasev, the founder of the company FOTOTUR and the creator of the idea of photo tours in Russia and abroad. This company was established in 2004. The place of inspiration was the great and wonderful North Caucasus. The most part of my youth I spent in travel and then I met the fabulous world of the majestic mountains. Since that time mountains have become my salvation in this busy world. Every year I go to the mountains, and each time they give me more joy, strength and ability to live a full and happy life. Gradually, my love of mountains and passion for photography turned into my favorite business in the North Caucasus in Russia. Eventually, I decided to expand the geography of FOTOTUR to other countries. I created the routes and established a range of services, both for photographers and for lovers of traveling, so everyone could enjoy perfection and harmony of the natural world of our planet Earth.

While traveling and conducting photo tours in various parts of the world, I fell in love with the fabulous world of Norway and... now this country is my home. Norway is the most incredible and beautiful country in the world! You will be admired by the land of beautiful scenery and interesting people since the first time. After this meeting you will want to come back again and again to this place looking for one more new and fresh breath! I was able to travel all over the country, to look into the most hidden places not only from tourists, but also from Norwegians, and to know the best of Norway. All of these allow my photo tours to be unique and exquisite. And also because this is my idea to provide special tours for photographers, since 2004.

Now I am not alone, I have found like-minded people, who are photographers and professionals in this field from different parts of the world. And we create new exciting routs all together. The routes are very spectacular and designed especial for photographers both professionals and amateurs. Why FOTOTUR ? I am a professional photographer and know what conditions are necessary for photographers to travel in practice. The priority of the photographer is a lot of high quality filming and commercial views. The other thing is mobility and the ability to be free from thoughts of food and transportation. We do it for you. Our slogan is: "You don’t need to carry backpacks!» Just travel and enjoy.

Thank You for coming to my site and patiently read to the end.

More information about the routes and prices of the services you can find here on the website.